June’16 Update

Last month’s progress has been the following:

  • We have completed the 8th floor and 9th floor slab work is in progress. Site photo is enclosed.
  • Brick work in 5th floor is in progress.
  • Internal electrical & plumbing works started in 1st floor.
  • Internal & External plastering works are in progress.
  • STP civil infrastructure is over.

Foundation Complete

We are extremely pleased to inform that Golden Lotus project foundation work is complete.


Current Status

  • Basement slab is in progress
    • 1/3rd of the slab is done 10days back.
    •  Another 1/3rd of the slab is going to be casted on this Wednesday i.e. 4th Nov.
    • Last 1/3rd portion will be done by 15th Nov.
  • Stilt slab works will start parallely soon.


Overall Status:

Even though we have some delays initially due to heavy rains, we are                     hopeful of covering up and meeting the timelines.



Upscale Homes

Site photo1

Site photo2 Site photo3 Site photo5